Hardcore Apple Fan Using Android For The First Time

One of the biggest complaints I always heard from my friends and colleagues was about the bloatware that manufacturers like Samsung and LG put on their phones. Don’t get me wrong Apple puts a lot of their own stuff on their phones as well.  However, on Android that problem is amplified because the manufacturers create their own interface for Android called “Launchers”.  So, if you change from a Samsung phone to an LG phone the interface is different even though it’s the same OS, and things are in different places. That would be very annoying!

Google started making phones that had “Stock Android” installed with no bloatware, and that only have the Google suite of applications.  But the phone was not the best, and this is where Essential came in.  The phone was built to last, ceramic back, titanium sides and a gorilla glass cover in a very sleek looking durable phone that needs no case!

So, I took the jump and went out and purchased the Essential phone as my second phone. It felt perfect from the moment I picked it out of the box.  The perfect size phone with the perfect size screen and even the notch (they had it before Apple). So, all that was left was for me to do was to familiarize myself with Android.