Hardcore Apple Fan Using Android For The First Time

I am definitely an Apple fanboy! From my iPad Pro, to my MacBook Pro and my iPhone, all of my major daily use tech is made by Apple.

Being an Online Entrepreneur who meets a lot of people at business conferences I decided to get a second cell phone for business only purposes.  For the first year that phone was also an iPhone.  Then, one day while on a YouTube binge, I ran across videos talking about The Essential Phone. The phone looked great (a lot like and iPhone). The company was founded by Andy Rubin the co-founder of Android and you can tell that his vision was to make a phone that the Android OS deserved.

One of the biggest complaints I always heard from my friends and colleagues was about the bloatware that manufacturers like Samsung and LG put on their phones. Don’t get me wrong Apple puts a lot of their own stuff on their phones as well.  However, on Android that problem is amplified because the manufacturers create their own interface for Android called “Launchers”.  So, if you change from a Samsung phone to an LG phone the interface is different even though it’s the same OS, and things are in different places. That would be very annoying!

Google started making phones that had “Stock Android” installed with no bloatware, and that only have the Google suite of applications.  But the phone was not the best, and this is where Essential came in.  The phone was built to last, ceramic back, titanium sides and a gorilla glass cover in a very sleek looking durable phone that needs no case!

So, I took the jump and went out and purchased the Essential phone as my second phone. It felt perfect from the moment I picked it out of the box.  The perfect size phone with the perfect size screen and even the notch (they had it before Apple). So, all that was left was for me to do was to familiarize myself with Android.

As an avid user of lots of different tech stuff it did not take me long to get used to the different interface. And I started watching videos on YouTube about all the things you can do with Android that you can’t on an iPhone.  Simple things like how to customize the layout of your screens and having widgets on any screen you want blew my mind!  Being able to move an icon around to any block on a screen and skip blocks was just astonishing for me as someone coming from iOS where it auto fills the grid on your screen automatically without any customization of which blocks (the area where each icon resides) are used.

And then there are the widgets.  On iOS there is only one place for widgets and that’s the swipe to the left screen.  On Android you can put widgets on any screen, you can make them in different sizes.  You can even have widgets on screens with icons. This level of customization is really awesome!

The other option that I really liked was the “App Drawer” swiping up from the bottom gives you access to every app on the phone in alphabetical order and includes a search bar as well.  So seldom used apps don’t need folders, you can just put them in the drawer and get them there easily.

In conclusion I would say the interface of stock Android is very easy to use and not obtrusive at all.  I am still going to keep using my iPhone as my main phone because I would hate being a green chat bubble on all my friends iPhones. But, I have to say making the switch to Android has become more tempting with this phone, and even more so now with the new Google Pixel 2 that was just launched.