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5 Destinations To Visit On A Tight Budget

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Everyone loves to travel but not every one of us have large traveling budgets. This article is especially written for those who want to travel the Earth but without spending too much money.

  1. Indonesia

Located in South East Asia, the country is rich in natural beauty. “The Emerald of the East” is made up of 10,000 + islands, has very friendly population and is famous for its hospitality.

Bali, Jakarta, Bandung are cities in which you can rent an accommodation for few dollars per night. The currency of the country is pretty down (as compared to USD) so Americans have an edge.

Visit Bali, Makasar and Sulawesi Tunga for natural beauty. Just remember to bargain because some people like to rip off tourists for no reason.

  1. Mauritius

Mauritius is a small country, located in East Africa. The whole country is basically an island and is an absolute paradise. Free from pollution and hustle bustle of traffic, the island is an underrated place for people who want to enjoy some peace with waves.

Mauritius rupee is very low as compared to a dollar and food is cheap. You can have a meal of one time for about 1 dollar. (Mind you, that 1 dollar meal won’t be from a fancy restaurant but will fill up your belly)

  1. Thailand

The capitol of Thailand, Bangkok has the honor of being the most visited city of the world. The country is a unique cultural experience and has both city as well as natural attractions. Theme parks, joyrides, surfing on Phuket and Bangkok nightlife are just some of its magnificent gifts.

Do compare multiple websites before finalizing your airfare and hotel accommodation. If you are in Chiang Mai, go for “De Lanna Hotel” as rooms offered there are just 65$ per night and the accommodation is very close to temples and historic sites.

  1. Egypt

Egypt is a country which holds many secrets. The Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the tomb of Tutankhamun – the list goes on and on.

Have fun in Cairo, Mina and Alexandria and view the nightlife of Sharm El Sheikh. The country’s weather, people and food will greatly impress you. There’s also a KFC open right next to pyramids. Normally, 2 and 3 star hotels cost around 30 – 40 dollars per night.

  1. Pakistan

A country affected by terrorism in the past has the 2nd most beautiful capitol of the world (Islamabad) after London (unverified source).

Pakistan is a country which enjoys 4 seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. There’s a sea, there’s a desert, there are snowcapped peaks of Himalayas and there are lush green crop fields.

Unique traditions, way of living and food are the best part of Pakistan. A majority of the people can understand English, so language is not an issue.

You can street food from as low as 50 cents and an average 3 star hotel will cost around 20 dollars per night. See the pictures of Gilgit, Hunza and Swat valley on Google and surprise yourself with beauty.

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